Report Fraud or Abuse

What is fraud and abuse?

Fraud is when a person or organization deliberately deceives others to gain some sort of unauthorized benefit.

Abuse is when the Health Providers supply services or products that are medically not necessary or that do not meet the professional standards.

Waste is the extravagant, careless or needless expenditure of healthcare benefits or services that results from deficient practices or decisions.

Motor insurance fraud refers to the intentional deception practiced by individuals or organized groups to illicitly gain advantages or benefits from motor insurance policies.

It encompasses a wide range of fraudulent activities, including staged accidents, inflated claims, falsified documents, and fictitious injuries. These fraudulent acts not only impact insurance companies but also drive-up premiums for honest policyholders.

Motor insurance fraud can lead to significant financial losses and can even jeopardize the safety of innocent individuals on the road.

Liva Insurance takes a strong stance against motor insurance fraud, implementing robust detection systems and cooperating with law enforcement agencies to uncover and prevent fraudulent activities. By diligently combating fraud, Liva Insurance aims to maintain the integrity of the motor insurance industry, protect its customers, and ensure fair and affordable coverage for all.

If you suspect any cases of fraud or misuse, report it to us as early as you can.

If you suspect anything out of the ordinary, report it!

To report suspected fraud/abuse, please contact:

You may also report anonymously through email on the above Email id. The identity of the person reporting any fraud cases will be kept confidential